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Branding, logic, UX/UI and development of the co-working ecosystem software

Background story

It's such a blessing when your willings come along with your opportunities. It's not an everyday occasion, of course, but the rarer something is — the more it's appreciated, right?

Ukraine, as well as the whole world, just started it's recovery from the epidemic and more than anything Wimble team wanted to come back to the office. And somehow, through some mutual acquaintances, we got in contact with a guy who owned a space he wanted to turn into a co-working office in the centre of Odesa. And he was in need of everything we can propose: naming, branding, website, working space automatization system (the app for users and the control panel for managers).

Our interests were very similar, so we quickly agreed on a partnership where we got 2 offices on the ground floor and part of the intellectual rights to the office management system.

Exciting? — For sure!

Original interior design renders for D4W’s 1st floor co-working room

Couple words about the space

The project had to be good at everything
Two floors, the first floor is just office space with electronic lockers, toilets and a small kitchen. There aren't many offices, but that's a good thing.

The second floor is a spacious open hall with singled out workspaces, a small coffee shop kinda thing, individual and group meeting rooms, and even a room for recording YouTube or TikTok videos, or whatever you prefer (code name "Content-room").


Odesa, as one of the old European cities, is famous for its old courtyards — some call them the spirit of Odesa. Many of those were turned into open-air bars and restaurants, others have remained authentic since the 60s. One of them was supposed to house our co-working space.

Partially the name came by itself — "Dvor" (meaning basically “courtyard”). Other part initially was an in-team joke, like, not to mess the other courtyards with ours, we simply specified that this one is "for work". And so "Dvor for Work" was born. There also was a thing with co-working building number being 4 and our partner desperately wanted to incorporate it into the name, so the name mutated to be "Dvor 4 Work", or just D4W.


The arch at the entrance to the courtyard was very noticeable; these were installed in various famous courtyards back in the 19th century. It was chosen as a symbol of our Dvor.

There was even an intention to get a permission from government to paint the arch to match Dvor's corporate colors... But that's the whole different story.

the automation system

We had a great time indeed coming up with creative ideas and designing all the cool branding stuff, but here comes the thinking part — co-working automation system... The goal was to minimize the staff that should be permanently present inside the space to one single "butler*" as we called the position.

Together with engineers and installers of doors and turnstiles, we developed a layout of doors and turnstiles in such a way that the entire premises could work without human intervention.

The main points of this system were:
1. Entrance and exit turnstiles and all doors in the co-working space with NFC readers;
2. Users mobile application;
3. Butler's admin panel;

Turnstiles and doors scheme

One in - one out. You can enter and exit only if you have an NFC key. We knew who was in the co-working space and where at any time.

Mobile app

The biggest part of the work on our side was the mobile application, everything should be secure and convenient for users.


Security rested on the shoulders of the Swedish BankID system, which gave us all the passport data about the registered user. With a well-written privacy policy and terms and conditions, we were confident about the safety of our office.

NFC integration

Instead of magnets, a system for integrating NFC yard passes into the Apple Wallet and Android Pay wallets was developed and invented. After registration and the user adding a card to write off funds for the coworking space, the user had the opportunity to use the coworking space and, accordingly, add the card to his wallet.


Similar to any bikesharing app. You upload money to your Dvor wallet, and you're allowed to use space until you have the money.

Admin panel

The butler's workplace consisted of video surveillance cameras and an admin panel. In addition to the usual must-have features such as financial reports and user data in the admin panel, we also added a real-time board of coworking visitors as well as ability to send a private message to any of co-working users if something happens.

The system automatically registers the user in the coworking space and withdraws funds from the card. The mobile application was designed for

  • Ground floor including all employees
  • Second floor (hourly rate)
  • Zoom rooms (single conversation rooms)
  • The meeting room
  • Content room

Use case example

Meeting room

The meeting room should be booked in advance through the app. User should select the time span to book, minimum one hour. Free slots are displayed in the app. A meeting room is booked by one person, the payment is charged to one account. There's only one meeting room for 6 people.

Terms of use

The meeting room can be reserved in the span of up to three days before use.

The meeting room can be booked for a specific time, at least 1 hour, with immediate payment for the time amount.

In case there is no booking accounted after current meeting is over — user will receive a notice that each minute over the booked time will be charged in amount of ₴8/min.

In other case, if there is a booking accounted after current meeting is over, user will receive a notice that his booked time is over each minute over booked will be charged in amount of ₴12/min. Queueing booking wont start till previous is still going and for each minute of waiting user would receive ₴7 of cash-back to his in-app deposit (both sides will receive corresponding push-notifications).

In case the time is up, the meeting room is still occupied and there's no money on the booker's deposit — a warning will be pushed to his phone asking to free up the space immediately or to top up their balance. Simultaneously warning will be sent to the CRM administrator. Overtime charge will be counted in the same amounts stated above only as a debt.

Inviting guests to a meeting room

To invite guests to a meeting room, the user must indicate the number of guests at the booking stage. 10 minutes before the start, the user will be given access to let guests into the meeting room. 5 minutes before the finish, the user will be sent a push notification that the paid time will soon end.

After completing the reserved time, the resident has 10 minutes to escort guests out of the meeting room. If at the end of the booked time the resident and guests do not leave the meeting room, all guests are transferred to a penalty rate of 1 UAH 60 kopecks/minute. If a resident does not have money in his deposit account, a penalty will begin in the amount of 1 UAH 60 kopecks. for each guest and will be recorded on the negative account.


If negotiations are canceled before the start time, the user receives half of the reservation amount in a deposit account. Cancellation after the start of the negotiation time is not possible.

Original interior design renders for D4W 2nd floor open space

Invasion, despair and inglorious ending...

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There's no cautionary tale here, only a stinking trail of dickheads.

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Project Management

Dmytro Pokholchenko

Art, UX/UI direction

Serge Suhanov

UI/UX Design

Petro Ivanchenko Vladislav Zapeka

Branding, visualization

Serge Suhanov Petro Ivanchenko

ios development

Stanislav Gychak

android development

Dmytro Kotov


Eduard Solovyov

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